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4K & 8K

Immersive 3D Experience

Deeply immersive Stereo 3D movies provide an outstanding experience for viewers, taking them to a reality of unprecedented beauty and incredible realism.
Our revolutionary AI-powered technology dramatically increases the quality of Stereo 3D video by bringing absolute accuracy to parallax shifting and providing premium HDR super quality. Thanks to the incredibly sharp and vivid images that HDR provides, viewers are able to enjoy a vivid and meaningful experience for a long time.

AI-powered technology for 2D to 3D HDR Conversion

AI-powered technology perfectly converts standard 2D movies to Stereo 3D HDR format, delivering a unique virtual reality experience to viewers. The depth and detail of HDR enhance the already extraordinary visual experience of Stereo 3D, providing viewers with a whole new level of immersive satisfaction. Whether watching a favorite or newly released theater film, viewers explore a world of vivid colors, deep black levels, and outstanding contrasts in full Stereo 3D - HDR environment.

3D SDR to 3D HDR 4K Conversion

The superb visual quality of HDR ensures smooth movement, precise parallax and stunning color accuracy. Furthermore, by using AI-driven technology, you can re-monetize content, reaching new viewers and gaining additional returns as viewers are drawn-in by the exceptional visual experience that only HDR can deliver.

Re-monetize your content and increase your profit

Our AI-powered technology enables you to create a deeply immersive Stereo 3D experience with precise parallax movements, incredibly vivid colors and outstanding HDR video quality. It maximizes the depth and detail of Stereo 3D, ensuring a captivating experience for viewers. Thanks to AI-driven technology, you can re-monetize content on various streaming platforms such as OTT, VOD, etc.

immersive experience with 3D HDR video and 3D audio

Through an immersive sound, listeners can be fully surrounded by sound, enabling them to experience sound as if they were in the middle of it. The benefits of immersive sound include an increase in sound clarity, richness, depth and detail, as well as immersion into soundscapes and virtual realities. Immersive sound are becoming increasingly popular in gaming, virtual reality, and cinematic experiences

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