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Using AI-based technologies allows to significantly reduce production costs up to 5 times when compared to traditional methods, as well as accelerate the production process and offer more accurate color-grading for your video content - ensuring truly cinematic results. It offers content producers the tools to create stunning, high-quality HDR content.

Moreover, AI technology makes it possible to convert any SDR content to a perfect match for 8K TVs, delivering increased contrast, color accuracy and dynamic range compared to traditional SDR video. HDR also provides an unmatched peak luminance and an extremely wide color gamut allowing viewers to fully enjoy an immersive and lifelike experience.

For TV channels, animation studios and film companies, AI HDR technology helps to increase the quality of the content libraries, provide existing customers with new and improved HDR versions of the content and attracts potential viewers towards the content, delivered via a wide variety of platforms.

Clients who are interested in AI HDR technology can be sure of a smooth transition to the new format, low production costs and high-quality output thanks to the use of advanced technologies and AI algorithms.

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