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Thank you for considering our SDR to HDR video conversion technology for your company.

Thank you for considering our SDR to HDR video conversion technology for your company. We believe that by implementing our exclusive technology, you will gain a significant competitive edge in the market.

Our technology utilizes artificial intelligence and HDR rendering to enhance the quality of FullHD, 2K, and 4K SDR videos. Through the expansion of color gamut, improved clarity and brightness, and the creation of a true realistic HDR, we can elevate the visual experience for your audience.

Unlike other technologies, such as Apple's SDR to HDR conversion, our technology goes beyond linear conversion and truly enhances video quality. With peak brightness up to 1499 or even 10,000 nits, we offer the best quality HDR in the world. Additionally, we can enhance the clarity and visual quality of any video, enabling you to achieve true 4K and 8K HDR resolution.

One key advantage of our technology is the ability to increase the frame rate from 24 or 25 frames to 50 frames per second. This is particularly essential for 4K television that requires 50 frames per second. We are proud to be the only technology capable of creating HDR HLG content at 50 fps from Full HD or 2K SDR content at 25 or 24 fps.

This unique feature enables us to create enhanced HDR versions of movies and TV shows with updated 4K Ultra HD resolution for 4K TV channels that run at 50 frames per second. By utilizing our technology, you will be able to stream any movie or TV content in 4K HDR standard on your TV channels, greatly improving its quality and aligning it with 4K HDR TV standards.

To achieve the highest quality HDR 4K content, we employ artificial intelligence, NVIDIA DGX supercomputers, and special HDR rendering with Rec.2020 advanced color scheme. This powerful combination surpasses the technology of our competitors and guarantees the creation of the best quality HDR 4K and 8K content for 4K TV channels, OTT platforms, and VOD services.

An important competitive advantage of our technology is the ability to use any SDR video format, unlike other technologies that require a high-bit RAW master file.

Moreover, we aim to stimulate the development of the 4K TV market and reduce the cost of producing HDR content. Our pricing has been reduced from 500 euros to 150 euros per minute of 4K HDR content, equivalent to 9000 euros per hour of HDR content. This offering provides exceptional quality 4K HDR content at the best price.

Our platform also offers a wide range of 10- and 12-bit HDR formats, including PQ, HLG, and Dolby Vision, enabling you to create premium content that can engage your audience and effectively monetize through VOD, online cinemas, OTT platforms, and 4K TV channels.

With an investment of €1 to create 4K HDR content, media companies can expect to earn €1,000 in revenue in the first year of premium content monetization, while expanding the monetization geography of their content. Our technologies allow the creation of new premium versions of 4K HDR content, ensuring monetization opportunities for years to come through VOD, online cinemas, OTT platforms, and 4K TV channels.

We guarantee the highest quality, the best price, and unique opportunities for your business. Trust in our technology and rest assured that your content will remain at the forefront of technological progress!

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how our SDR to HDR video conversion technology can benefit your company.


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